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What are Property Book Officers and Technicians Saying about their EVOLUTION SPBS-R System Upgrades:


  • Tennessee has used the Evolution system for approximately 2 years with excellent results. We are pleased with the system.  We have received excellent support, and have experienced very little down time.  The system has worked very well, requiring little maintenance.  I am especially pleased with the optical backup disk.



Supv Supply System Analyst


  • *  Multiple screen usage is a time saver, allows user to check serial #, stock # etc. and not interrupt whatever action user is performing.

*  Allows user to use the Fed Log (Fed Log is interjected into screen savers and can be in use as the same time PB system is used.

*  We can print screen to our main printer from our computer.


Ft. Monroe, VA


  • I just wanted to THANK YOU for the VirtuOS systems purchased by the 1st Infantry Division from your company.  I did a survey comparing the new system against the old, the results were great!

    Out of 24 surveyed all 24 preferred the new system over the old.  The CBS-X rating from the teams were down in the 80 percentile.  The system would only allow one user at a time; backups were taking 45 to 60 minutes and extracts for asset management about 20 minutes.

    With the new system our teams CBS-X ratings have increased to 99% within the first 6 months of having the new equipment.  We have the capability of having up to 16 users; backups are running two to five minutes and extracts less than one minute.  The Division has been operating on the new systems well over a year in which we have not had to call on any support from CSSAMO.

    We seem to have only one complaint, due to the environment, the optical drive breaks down every now and then.

    I have installed the new systems in Kosovo, to get the systems operational only took about 30 minutes, installation of hardware and uploading the data on hand.

    Everyone seems to be pleased with the results of our new systems.  Once again, I Thank you for your support.


    USA, Property Book Team Chief


  • I would like to express my sincere thanks.  Your computer system is much faster and user friendly.  The additional server option makes deploying easier.  I would recommend the purchase to my fellow Property Accounting Technicians.   Great system, Thanks.


    CW2, USA

    Property Accounting Technician



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